●Impossible Architecture@The Museum of Modern Art, Saitama

Tatlin's Tower model is really well made, Zaha's National Stadium model and documents say ready for constuction, and Artist Aida and Yamaguchi's City Hall +Nihonbashi paintings show free and critical view points. I enjoyed them far more than expected !

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●Lineage of Eccentrics: The Miraculous World of Edo Painting@Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum

The title of this exhibition comes from the book, written by Nobuo Tsuji and famous as the boom maker of recent "Edo Art History Rennovation".

The exhibition is too much crowded and not enjoyable for me, but I bought it's catalogue, very beautifully printed ! , and new edition of the Book. I'm happy that I can enjoy the celeblation of "Tsuji World" with these stuffs.

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●28th Tokyo Bay Urayasu City marathon

I finished the 28th Tokyo Bay Urayasu City marathon (half). My time is 1 hour 29 minutes 20 seconds. I am glad that i took less than 1.5 hours after a long absence.



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●Leiko Ikemura Our Planet: Earth&Stars@The National Art Center, Tokyo

Wall placement that the line of sight passes effectively, spatial reversal of white and black, juxtaposition of paintings and objects. The artist's world presentation shines in a high ceiling white cube very well. And the audience is lost there.

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●RCR Architectes Geography of Dreams@TOTO Gallery MA

This exhibit carefully explains the relationship between the surroundings and the architecture. The movie experiences the process of raising trees and processing into building materials, together with the architect. I can feel their message through this quietness.

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●Yoshimura Yoshio: Beyond Hyper-realism@Tokyo Station Gallery

Starts from monochrome self portraits, ends in forest of self portraits on newspaper. In between, huge beautiful colourful flower drawings are inserted. I'm impressed this composition very much. On the other hand, I couldn't feel touching the painter's inner mind.

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●Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Main Building

Hong Kong Shanghai Bank Main Building, it's the masterpiece of our age !

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●The Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen, The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Poly U School of Design

The Sea World Culture and Arts Center in Shenzhen, the art complex which faces the sea, has four exhibitions at the same time, and be integrated by beautiful modern atrium space. It's whitess shows clear contrast to Hillton Hotel's over gestured shape, and creates design harmony.

The Jockey Club Innovation Tower, Poly U School of Design. Its wavelike design is adapted not only building, but also landscape. This totalness creates spacial movement, and impacts the existing campus.

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●Guangzhou Librar, Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition

Guangzhou Library, it's paththrough atrium connects city and park, book and world simultaneously. smart !

Shenzhen Museum of Contemporary Art & Planning Exhibition. Combination of mirror cocoon, which contains stair, and glass covered pavilion presents us gougious advanced image. For whom ? Design Architect or client, or both ?

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●West Kowloon Station, Guangzhou Opera House, Library, Guangdong Museum

I am in West Kowloon Station in Hong Kong.

The outline that the dragon jumps into the ground and the waiting space where natural light is inserted are impressive.


Guangzhou Opera House, Library, and Guangdong Museum. They look like building exhibition.

Guangzhou night views. Red light works very well, which cause us mysterious mood.

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